Caption: An opened IoT device from Toitware. Photo: Jesper Scheel.
25 FEB

DTU students hack to improve IoT security

Students from DTU are being taught how to hack Internet of Things devices from the business world. The purpose is to create a safer world of IoT devices.

Systems and data security Telecommunication Software and programming IT systems Hardware and components
24 FEB

Smaller businesses get help to increase cyber security

Together with six partners, DTU Compute will help Danish software companies to think about IT security in product development, right from the beginning.

$name IT systems Software and programming Systems and data security
15 FEB

3D images provide important knowledge about brain health

DTU Compute has developed algorithms and image analysis tools that help to increase the understanding of how diseases attack tissue in order to improve MRI techniques for...

Image analysis Data analysis Mathematical modelling Health and diseases
04 FEB

The CITIES project delivers digital and data-driven energy solutions for green...

Through seven years of research, five DTU institutes have been involved in developing and showing how data and AI make energy systems talk to each other. It saves money...

Energy Mathematics Computer calculations Data analysis Software and programming Systems and data security
03 FEB

Head of Department Per B. Brockhoff is new digital wise man

DTU Compute's Head of Department, Professor Per B. Brockhoff, is a newly appointed digital wise man at the Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV). He believes that Denmark...

Fotograf: Mikal Schlosser
02 FEB

Mathematics applied: How close was Denmark's national handball team on the World...

‘Landin-cross section’ and goalpost in. Associate Professor Poul G. Hjorth from DTU Compute uses the mathematics to analyze Denmark's quarterfinal, which nearly...

22 JAN

46 mio. kr. for seven young researchers

Seven young DTU researchers receive Villum Young Investigator grants for a total of DKK 46 million.

Foto Bax Lindhardt
14 JAN

Machine learning to prevent cyberattacks

Universities are working with IT security company to block virus-infected websites before users click on them.

Systems and data security Information technology
05 JAN

DTU is Part of a New National Centre for Digital Technologies

DTU Compute and the DTU ecosystem for entrepreneurship is going to play a significant role in a new, digital research, education and innovation centre. The centre aims...

Photo: Ingeniøren
21 DEC

Lars Maaløe appointed adjunct associate professor at DTU

The appointment of Lars Maaløe as adjunct associate professor at DTU strengthens its valuable work on artificial intelligence with the addition of a unique Danish...

11 DEC

New approach can improve COVID-19 predictions worldwide

Methods currently used around the world for predicting the development of COVID-19 and other pandemics fail to report precisely on the best and worst case scenarios. Newly...

Medicine and medico technology Mathematics
Foto: Bax Lindhardt
09 DEC

“The world is changing under our feet”

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential radically to change the way we live our lives. But the growing use of AI is also a cause for concern.

Robot technology and automation Information technology
Foto: Bax Lindhardt
01 DEC

Fair treatment with AI

Prejudices and stereotypes can be reflected in algorithms used in the public health service. Researchers now want to develop fair algorithms.

Information technology Health and diseases
Foto: Unsplash
01 DEC

“You trust a voice”

Students from Artificial Intelligence and Data would like ethical guidelines after testing advanced models for voice conversion.

Information technology Entrepreneurship
Foto: Biofos A/S / Hviidphotography
01 DEC

Less costly wastewater treatment using AI

Smarter wastewater treatment management can shave 10-20 per cent off treatment plants’ operating costs.

Information technology Environment and pollution Waste water and water discharge
19 NOV

Mobility model paves way for tomorrow’s transport systems

Ground-breaking model that provides a completely new understanding of our movement patterns. The model can come to play an important role when designing tomorrow&rsquo...

Information technology Mathematics Transport and logistics
09 NOV

PhD degree successfully defended by Juan Camilo Gil Carvajal

On October 30, Juan Camilo Gil Carvajal successfully defended his theseis " Towards a feature-based theory of audiovisual integration of speech".

Photo: Colourbox
02 NOV

Researchers pave the way for supercows

Researchers from DTU use artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and gene sequencing to improve breeding programs with embryo transplantation for cows. Their research can...

Foto Bax Lindhardt
02 NOV

Mathematics with a human face

Pola Schwöbel is a PhD-student at DTU Compute. She works with mathematics for artificial intelligence and methods to prevent bias.

Foto Mikal Schlosser
19 OCT

New research centre for autonomous systems

The Centre for Collaborative Autonomous Systems represents the latest research in highly automated and intelligent systems and is linked to one of the world’s largest...

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