Master of Cyber Security

Know the systems, understand the risks, and shape the cyber security policies in your company

The need for cyber security is rising – do you need to upgrade your competencies?

Due to the increasing digitalization in Danish society and in the rest of the world, focus has increased on IT security and the various risks companies, authorities, and citizens face. As a result, DTU Compute Continuing  Education has created a Master’s program in Cyber Security, so that companies and authorities have the  opportunity to qualify and train IT security staff and managers to deal with the increasing pressure in relation to cybercrime.

Admission to the Master of Cybersecurity will be paused in 2023.

Admission to the Master of Cybersecurity in 2022 was less than expected, so DTU has decided to put admission on hold. This is done in order to thoroughly analyze the reasons for the surprisingly low take-up and investigate how we can best ensure that content, framework and marketing are adapted to the identified target groups of managers with cyber security responsibilities, e.g. CISO, project manager for development projects with security-critical content and/or aspects, as well as employees who want or are expected to fill such roles in the future.

This means that courses in the first two semesters will not be offered in 23/24, but it will still be possible to register as a single subject student on the courses Application Security02G08 Data Protection and Privacy and 02G09 Trends in Cybersecurity is still possible for applicants who meet the admission requirements for the Master of Cybersecurity, i.e. relevant professional bachelor's degree (or equivalent education) and two years of subsequent work experience.

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Want to know more?

Listen to our podcast or read these white papers on Cyber Security Certifications: What to expect from certifications in the EU Cybersecurity Act and how to assess the security of ICT systems in the meantime.

Focus: Individuals with IT/digital background

Format: 2 years, part-time

Costs: 190,000 DKK ex. VAT

Admission: BSc degree + 2 years work experience 

Language: English

Course start: TBA

Application deadline: TBA

Questions? Contact Signe Møller Jørgensen,

Single courses offered

Application Security

Objective: to provide an overview of the most critical application security risks and introduce to proactive techniques to prevent them. Price 16.500 DKK ex VAT

Data Protection & Privacy

Objective: to provide an overview of privacy models and privacy protection approaches. Price 16.500 DKK ex VAT

Trends in Cyber Security

Objective: to provide an overview of current trends and introduce emerging technologies in cyber security, i.e. the course provides a security technology foresight. Price 16.500 DKK ex VAT

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