Talk by Kim Albrecht

We’re very lucky to have Kim Albrecht visit Associate Professor Sune Lehmann and the CogSys Group for a few days ultimo March. Kim is a gifted visual researcher and information designer. His work is absolutely amazing (beautiful as well as informative).

•Title: Imagining Complex Systems

•Time: Tuesday March 28th, 10 AM

•Location: DTU Building 321, room 134 (1st floor lab space)

Abstract: How can visualization help to understand the world surrounding us? That is the basic underlying question that comes up in all projects that Kim investigated in throughout the last years. This theme sees design as something different than communication or decoration. It is not about a style, a trend or fashion anymore. The design process becomes a tool to create insights and knowledge. But once investigating these created technological artifacts in more depth all the cultural formations forming the graphics come into focus demonstrating the subjectivity of visualization.

Bio:  As a visual researcher & information designer, Kim Albrecht is interested in networks, time, power, processes and how we can find visual representations for these topics to produce and represent knowledge. Currently, Kim is based in Boston, working at the Center for Complex Network Research as a visualization researcher. He collaborates and builds visualization interfaces with research groups from a wide variety of scientific fields and Universities (Harvard University, UCLA, Stanford University). In 2016 Kim started his Ph.D. research at the University of Potsdam in the field of media theory. Researching information visualizations and their interfaces regarding their epistemological value.


tir 28 mar 17
10:00 - 11:00


DTU Compute



DTU Building 321, room 134 (1st floor lab space)