The Scientific Computing section contributes to the departments general introductory courses in mathematics and programming and gives courses at all levels in the fields of computational and applied mathematics.

These courses are central for the applied mathematics educations Mathematics and Technology and MMC and contribute with computational competences for all other engineering students. Examples on how to fit these courses into a study plan are found in the recommended study plans of Mathematics and Technology and Mathematical Modelling and Computation

Course no.      Title Points (ECTS) Timetable group
01005 Advanced Engineering Mathematics 1 20 E, F
01257 Advanced Modelling - Applied Mathematics 5 January
01418 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations 5 E5A
01666 Project work - Bachelor of Mathematics and Technology 10 F5A, June
01716 Advanced Topics in Applied Functional Analysis 5 F2B
02525 Introduction to Mathematics and Technology 10 E1B, January
02601 Introduction to Numerical Algorithms 5 F1B, E4B
02610 Optimization and Data Fitting 5 E2A
02612 Constrained Optimization 5 F4A
02614 High-Performance Computing 5 January
02616 Large-scale Modelling 5 F3A
02619 Model Predictive Control 5 E2B
02623 The Finite Element Method for Partial Differential Equations 5 January
02625 Computational Science in Imaging 5 January
02631 Introduction to programming and data processing 5 E1B, F2B
02633 Introduction to programming and data processing 5 January, June
02685 Scientific Computing for differential equations 10 F1A, F1B
02689 Advanced Numerical Methods for Differential Equations 5 E2B
02906 Introduction to Inverse Problems 5 E