We offer a number of key courses within the modelling, analysis and realisation of modern IT-systems. We cover the entire span of courses from BEng and BSc over MSc to PhD as well as courses for continued education.
In our BSc courses we teach the fundamental techniques for the modelling, analysis and realisation of software systems. In our MSc courses we take this one step further and teach specific techniques and tools for developing systems that are safe and secure and at the same time have good performance properties. Finally, our PhD course (also offered to bright MSc students) focuses on analysis techniques from the research frontier; the topic differs from year to year and we often invite leading international researchers to teach the course.

The following courses are partially or fully offered by the Formal Methods section:

Course no.      Title Points (ECTS) Timetable group
02141 Computer Science Modelling 10 F4
02148 Introduction to Coordination in Distributed Applications 5 January
02239 Data Security 7.5 E5B
02242 Program Analysis 7.5 E2A
02244 Language Based Security 7.5 F2A
02246 Model Checking 7.5 E4A
02247 Compiler Construction 5 F2B
02332 Compiler Construction 5 E4A
02393 Programming in C++ 5 E
02913 Advanced Analysis Techniques 5 January