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Cognitive Systems (CogSys)

Modern life is embedded in intelligent systems, from the mind reading Internet to hearing aids listening in on our conversations.

Advanced data analysis is increasingly a determinant for productivity and personal quality of life.

The Section for Cognitive Systems research information processing in man and computer, with a particular focus on the signals they exchange – audio, imagery, behavior – and the opportunities these signals offer for modeling and prediction.

Our research is based on statistical machine learning and signal processing, on quantitative analysis of digital media and text, on mobility and complex networks, and on cognitive psychology.

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News and Activities

  • PhD forsvar v/Kit Melissa Larsen, 1. Maj kl.14:00, DTU B303A/Aud.44: Effective connectivity and gamma oscillations in a group at risk of psychosis.
  • Seminar med Vladimir Litvak and Peter Uhlhaas, 1. Maj kl. 10:00, DTU B324/R060:

Senior Lecturer Vladimir Litvak, UCL: Oscillatory Cortico-Subcortical Networks: An Insight from Combined MEG, Intracranial Recordings and Deep Brain Stimulation.


Reader Peter Uhlhaas, University of Glasgow: Oscillations and Neuronal Dynamics in Schizophrenia: The Search for Basic Symptoms and Translational Opportunities.


  • CogSys PhD and Google Data Scientist Arek Stopczynski on TEDxBeaconStreet about the perspectives in the Copenhagen Network Study/Sensible DTU. Check out YouTube.


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