Jan Madsen, Deputy Head of Department, DTU Compute lectures about Big Data.

Big Data programme to boost Danish industry

Friday 27 Jan 17


Sam Kondo Steffensen
Program Director
DTU Business
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Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll
Professor, Head of section
DTU Compute
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As part of a Big Data project funded by The Danish Industry Foundation, in 2016, DTU Business and DTU Compute developed the Big Data Business Academy programme. The programme's success, with participants from 21 companies, including, among others, Maersk, Danfoss, Grundfos, Chr. Hansen, Telenor, and COOP, has created interest in several industrial sectors and public organizations.

By Karin Rauch and Henriette Rimmer Caspersen

Based on valuable experience gained from the Business Academy, DTU and DTU Compute decided to repeat their success with the new programme, Big Data Business Innovation.

The programme kicks off on 19 April 2017 and consists of three modules that offer courses and the consultancy services of top researchers from DTU and other leading experts from both Denmark and abroad.

Industry wants more knowledge about Big Data use
The new Big Data supplementary training programme will equip companies to fully leverage their data in a strategic context, and will create new opportunities for data-driven business development. Many companies have access to large volumes of data and could benefit greatly from using DTU to get a head start on creating greater value using their data. The programme gives organizations everything they need to succeed with their data-driven projects while optimizing their technical and commercial skills.

Important to involve all company employees in Big Data project
One of the most vital criteria in creating a successful project is the support it receives from the company. Not only from the colleagues directly involved in the project, but all the way up to the executive management. Therefore, the Big Data programme is based on the company's own project, and is aimed at dedicated project teams in the organizations.

Focus on the project's technical and business-related elements and on cross-organizational teams
This supplementary training course is structured in a unique way, as it focuses on both the technical and the business-related elements. The degree programme consists of various modules within Big Data's key areas including, for example, data collection, Internet of Things, data analysis, data security, and visualisation. In order to instil a broad sense of ownership in the companies, they enrol in cross-organizational teams consisting of, for example, data analysts, managers, and business developers, working together on a shared problem of the company's choice.

Professor and Head of Section for Statistics and Data Analysis at DTU Compute, Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, who is responsible for the study programme's academic content," says:

"Big Data covers a variety of aspects through the whole value chain from data collection, data storage, data processing, data analysis and security to data decision support. Therefore, one of the programme´s important tasks is to provide a useful overview of the key tools available in Big Data, as well as to support cross-organizational collaboration throughout the study programme. Often the true value of Big Data really comes into its own when obstacles between units and departments in companies are broken down and people work towards a common goal".

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