A thirst for technology

Monday 16 Apr 18


Per B. Brockhoff
Professor, Head of department
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 33 65
By summer 2018, DTU Compute launches a new Bachelor programme in Artificial Intelligence and Data. But not only has the interest in the new programme been massive since it was announced, it has also strengthened the interest in the BSc programmes in software, mathematics and technology all together.

AI is hot. No matter where you go – geographically or educationally, AI is the thing. DTU Compute saw the need and by February 2018, DTU could announce the launch of a new BSc programme in Artificial Intelligence and Data to receive 30 students in the summer 2018.

Computer Science programmes got top scores
The interest grew quickly and at the Åbent Hus event at DTU 1 March, crowds of potential DTU students attended the fair to hear more about the new education. However, they were not only interested in AI. At the Åbent Hus department tours of the three DTU Compute anchored BSc programmes, there were an average of almost 80 participants pr. BSc programme and a total of 237 potential students visiting the facilities and learning more about Software Technology, Mathematics and Technology, and Artificial Intelligence and Data.

The Åbent Hus interest in the three computer science BSc programmes was confirmed by the kvote 2 deadline 15 March, where these programmes got top scores among the kvote 2 applications. Software Technology, with an increase of 6% in applications, got a solid 2nd place among the total applications to DTU BSc programmes. Artificial Intelligence and Data followed closely on a 3rd place, and Mathematics and Technology came in on a 6th place with an impressive increase of 21% in applications.

Important competences for the future
Head of department Per Brockhoff is impressed by the interest:
”It’s fantastic to see how the three DTU Compute based BSc programmes have enjoyed a big interest among the potential students at DTU’s Åbent Hus event and among this year’s kvote 2 applications. All three programmes were in the top. There were even an increase in applications to the two existing programmes Software Technology and Mathematics and Technology, and the new programme Artificial Intelligence and Data got a good start.

And it’s important that the young want to study IT and mathematics. Exactly the competences that they will learn here are competences they can use to create value for people in the digitalized society of the future. Therefore, this huge interest for these programmes make me very happy indeed,” he says.

A clear indicator of interest
Apart from filling up 1/10 of a class, the number of kvote 2 applications is usually a quite clear indicator of the interest from kvote 1 applicants. This indicates that the total number of applications to all computer science BSc programmes will grow, showing a thirst for technology.

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