Meet DTU Compute - Theory of Mind in Artificial Intelligence: Agents Modelling Other Agents

Meet DTU Compute - Theory of Mind in Artificial Intelligence: Agents Modelling Other Agents. Talk by Assoc prof. Thomas Bolander, DTU Compute

In order for an artificial intelligence system (an agent) to collaborate efficiently with other artificial intelligence systems or humans (other agents), it must be able to take the perspective of those other agents. It must be able to reason about how the world is perceived by those other agents, what they believe and what they intend to do, including higher-order reasoning (I know you believe I intend to get lunch from the Japanese street food stand). To create agents capable of that kind of reasoning, I use algorithms, logic and graphs, the three areas forming the name of the section I work in, Algolog.

In my talk, I will present the general problem of modelling other agents and the mathematical frameworks I use to model it. Then I will talk more specifically about my recent work on implicit coordination: how a group of agents (e.g. robots) can achieve their goals without any explicit negotiation or coordination. Such implicit coordination is often observed in human helpfulness: we infer the goals of others and help them achieve those goals without explicit communication or coordination (e.g. holding the door or passing the butter).

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Wed 21 Mar 18
12:30 - 14:00


DTU Compute


DTU Compute, Building 324/040