PhD school seminar by Ole Christensen: The Research Process and its challenges

Research is a very nonlinear process. It is not always clear how we get the good ideas, and how we actually find the way to the results. Sometimes we fight hard and obtain comparably easy results at the end, and sometimes we suddenly find solutions to very complicated problems without too much effort.

Ole Christensen from DTU Compute will give a short presentation based on (non-technical) examples from my own research, but the main goal is to kick-start a discussion among the PhD-students.

There will be sandwiches

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This lecture is part of a series of seminars organized by the PhD school at DTU Compute, and is a part of course 02949 DTU Compute PhD Seminar

All are welcome!


Thu 26 Oct 17
12:30 - 15:00


DTU Compute


DTU, Building 306, Aud 31