PhD theses at DTU Compute starting up in 2017

PhD projects are completed and published after 3 years affiliation with DTU Compute. Before a PhD report is published, you can find a popular scientific summary on this page. When published a project title link to more information and a full-text pdf file in DTU Orbit - DTU University Research Information System.

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Philip Johan Havemann Jørgensen Big Data Analytics with special emphasis on Food Supply Chain Data Summary Bjarne K. Ersbøll, Lars Kai Hansen Stat
Janus Nørtoft Jensen The Statistics of Estimated Surfaces Summary Henrik Aanæs, J. Andreas Bærentzen Image
Christoffer Rasmussen Bridging the Building Performance Gap
Summary Henrik Madsen Dynsys
Jesper Løve Hinrich A Probabilistic Framework for Tensor Methods with Applications in the Life Sciences Summary Morten Mørup Cogsys
Bjørn Christian Skov Jensen Quantity of Interest Tomography Summary Kim Knudsen, Martin S. Andersen SC
Kenan Sehic Numerical Uncertainty Quantification for Stochastic Wave Loads Summary Mirza Karamehmedovic SC
Andres Occhipinti Liberman Action Model Learning for Multi-agent Systems Summary Thomas Bolander Algolog
Hadise Baghooee Numerical Simulation of Modified Brine Water Flooding in Chalk Reservoirs Summary Hamid Nick, Ali Akbar Eftekhari
Laurent Vermue Big Data Analytics with Special Emphasis on Food Supply Chain Data Summary Bjarne K. ErsbøllLars Kai Hansen Stat
Damian Kowalczyk Improving Customer Experiences and Retention with Big Data Analytics Summary Lars Kai Hansen
Viggo Falster Image Synthesis and Analysis of Engineered Surface Microstructure Summary Jeppe E. R. Frisvad Image
Pegah Hafiz Adaptive, context-aware Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for youth mental health Summary Jakob E. Bardram ESE
Lærke Karen Krohne Causal fingerprints of brain networks
Summary Kristoffer H. MadsenLars Kai Hansen Cogsys
Georgi Plamenov Tanev Portable Diagnostic Laboratory to Diagnose Thyroid Gland Related Disorders Summary  Jan Madsen ESE
Teeratorn Kadeethum Numerical modelling of near wellbore flow Summary Hamid Nick, Saeed Salimzadeh
Kira Dynnes Svendsen Big Data Analysis on Food Supply Chain Data Summary Bjarne K. ErsbøllLars Kai Hansen Stat
Hamidreza Moazzami Stochastic grey-box models for marine ecosystems Summary Lasse E. Christiansen Dynsys
Maximillan Fornitz Vording Active Deep Learning for Nano Sensor Systems Summary  Jan Larsen
Sayantan Sengupta Big Data Processing and Shaping in SeaStatus Summary  Anders Stockmarr, Bjarne K. Ersbøll Image
Oktay Baris Real-Time Multicore Systems Summary Martin Schoeberl, Jens Sparsø ESE
Mads Emil Brix Doest Estimation of Surface Radiometry Summary  Jeppe E. R. Frisvad, Henrik Aanæs, Saeed Salimzadeh
Niels Jeppesen Machine Learning for Ultrasonic Fault Detection Summary  Anders B. Dahl, Anders N. Christensen Image
Torur Biskopstø Strøm Real-Time Multi-Core Communication and Synchronization Summary  Martin Schoeberl, Jens Sparsø
Asger Limkilde Efficient 3D Shape Optimization Summary  Jens Gravesen Mat
Michele De Donno Security in Fog Computing Summary  Nicola Dragoni ESE
Niclas Laursen Brok Stochastic Dynamic Optimization and Control Theory Summary  Henrik Madsen, Niels K. Poulsen, John B. Jørgensen Dynsys
Laura Rieger Explainability of uncertainty for neutral networks Summary  Lars Kai Hansen, Finn Å. Nielsen Cogsys
Anne Ryelund Nielsen Topology of Exotic Wakes Summary   Morten Brøns Mat
Nicki Skafte Detlefsen Deep Metric Learning Summary  Søren Hauberg, Ole Winther Cogsys
Nicolai André Brogaard Riis Characterization and Reducing the Influence of Model Errors in Inverse Problems Summary  Yiqiu Dong, Per Chr. Hansen SC
Martin Jørgensen The stochastic geometry of latent variable models Summary  Søren Hauberg, Lars Kai Hansen
Peter Alexander Stentoft  Stochastic Predictive Control of Wastewater Treatment Processes Summary  Jan K. Møller, Henrik Madsen
Maciej Korzepa   Summary Jan Larsen, Jakob Eg Larsen Cogsys
Jan Lorenz Svensen Model predictive control in urban systems Summary Niels Kjølstad Poulsen Dynsys
Milad Moradi Vastegani Open-access data platform for behavioural monitoring and visual analytics for mental health Summary Jakob E. Bardram ESE
Mariam Anderson Multi-modal microstructure imaging of biological tissue Summary Tim Bjørn Dyrby, Vedrana Andersen Dahl Image 
Moein Jahanbani Veshareh Numerical modellling of reservoir souring in chalk reservoirs Summary Hamidreza Maghami Nick  
Mathias Blicher Bjerregård Intelligent integration of deep urban tunnel systems in energy systems Summary Lasse Engbo Christiansen Dynsys