Meet DTU Compute seminars

Meet DTU Compute is a series of lectures that offers friendly introductions to hot research topics at DTU Compute given by experts.

The lectures are co-organized with DTU Compute Research Academy and DTU Compute PhD School. Each session starts with lunch (sandwiches) 12:30-13, and for that reason it is necessary to sign up by e-mail to Pia Lauridsen, Everybody is welcome to attend. 

21.03.18 Thomas Bolander Theory of mind in artificial intelligence: Agents modelling other agents Video
03.11.17 Barbara Weber Bringing the Human into the Loop Video
14.09.17 Henrik Madsen Statistics and Crystal Ball Techniques Video
05.05.17 Lars Kai Hansen
Machine learning – Opening the black box  
20.04.17 Christian D. Jensen On the Borders of Cyber Security  
Bjarne Ersbøll
Why big data?
15.09.16 Jan Madsen Programming Life  



Kim Knudsen
Associate professor
DTU Compute
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Signe Møller Jørgensen
Coordinator of studies
DTU Compute
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