Cyber Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems

A growing number of the physical objects with which we surround ourselves contain small computers that manage a wide range of functions. The challenge is to ensure that these small computers adapt optimally to the contexts in which they are being used. Cyber-physical systems (CPS) is a system of cooperating computer-based elements that control physical objects.

We conduct research into the adaptability, usability, efficiency, functionality, reliability, and security of cyber-physical systems, and study models, programming languages, and analytical techniques that support this. CPS is used, for example, in infrastructure (water and energy supply, roads, and railways) and health.

Project examples:
- IDEA4CPS (Sino-Danish basic research centre): Studies the development of the mathematical foundation for models, methods and tools for CPS.

Section for Formal Methods - for Safe and Secure Systems at DTU Compute.


Alberto Lluch Lafuente
Head of Section, Associate Professor
DTU Compute
+45 45 25 37 36